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Nov 15, 2009 9:00am EST
and more but first the headlines for this sunday morning. the united states and russia expect to have a new nuclear arms pact in place by year's end. president obama made the announcement today at the asia pacific summit in singapore alongside his russian counterpart. both reported progress on a replacement to the 1991 start treaty which expires next month. funerals for victims of the shootings at fort hood in texas took place across the country yesterday. in utah, friends and family came together in the snowfall for a service for 19-year-old private first class aaron dimelka. 1600 prison is under consideration as a site to house a limited number of detainees. currently at guantanamo in cuba. items once belonging to imprisoned wall street swindler bernie madoff were auctioned off in new york yesterday and some of them like this baseball jacket fetched hugely inflated prices. valued at $720 it sold for $14,500. a former student at camel back high school in phoenix has returned two missing library books that were checked out in 1959. the school's librarian said a $1,000 money order was enclos
Nov 22, 2009 9:00am EST
in the united states, we have one food bank like this in all of those cities. >> reporter: vicki is ceo of feeding america. it runs out of a chicago sky scraper not a church basement. its reach is nationwide. >> if you were to look at the fact that our network will deliver close to three billion pounds of food this year, we are one of the largest grocery stores in the country. >> reporter: the largest supplier of free food in the nation with 205 warehouses like this one in chicago where work starts at dawn. >> starting at 5:00 a.m., trucks are departing to go across the country and provide truck loads of food to the 63,000 agencies. >> reporter: taking food to food banks. >> taking food to community kitchens, to cafes, to churches, to synagogues. >> reporter: 63,000. >> 63,000 agencies. >> reporter: okay. stocking food banks goes hand in hand with getting the food. that is where this man, the late john van hengel comes in. in 1967 he had an idea that changed america. collect excess food from supermarkets or farms where it was going to be thrown away and bring it to a central location wh
Nov 1, 2009 9:00am EST
was emerging in their place. >> and now the united states of america. >> reporter: the next summer johnson came out of retirement to join bird on the dream team that won a gold medal at the 1992 olympics. there they discovered the same passion that had driven them apart now bound them tightly together. >> the one thing that i know is if i ever had problems with my son or with my marriage, anything, if i call him, he will be there. and vice versa. >> reporter: in life you don't get but so many people that you know would be there in the middle of the night. >> one in my case. i've got a lot of good friends but one, it's him. >> wow. he's going to make me start crying in a second here. he shouldn't have said that. oh, boy. we'll always be there for each other. forget the color of the skin. we're just alike. we're just alike. >> reporter: their playing days behind them, both men have found success off the court. larry bird runs the nba's indiana pacers. magic johnson has built a $700 million business empire headquartered in beverly hills. and they've collaborated on a new book about their years tog
Nov 8, 2009 9:00am EST
. no question about it. >> reporter: after the war, joanne's family settled safely in the united states. but in newly communist albania, a very different fate awaited the other family. they went from being the protectors to the oppressed. their life together as a family ended in tragedy when a his father was arrested and executed by the communist regime. >> he was such a good human being. he was shot for what. >> reporter: joanne has spent years trying to honor the family that saved hers. her deepest satisfaction came only recently in a conversation with adid's daughter. >> i got my reward. she said, i am so proud to know what my grandparents did. that was really my main purpose. because he was executed by the communists. what do the grandchildren think of their grandparents? >> reporter: one look at adid's face tells the whole story. >> i see a very modest son and very proud of his family. in saving the people who were desperate. >> these people were courageous. they were righteous. and they were just wonderful people. >> osgood: next, >> osgood: time now for a few quiet words about an
Nov 29, 2009 9:00am EST
that many young people growing up could understand what was a whole world outside the borders of the united states. >> reporter: leah van david vow edited the new book. this is the face of a fly. >> isn't that amazing? it was taken in 1910. the technology was not easy in those days to get photographs like these. it's a fly like you've never seen one in your life. >> reporter: the book is really a show case for the evolution of photography. >> in the very, very beginning you couldn't even take photographs of live animals. now more and more with the development of the technology, you can get right up close (snarling) close enough to witness lionesses in a ferocious dual. while her husband was shooting movie film, beverly captured this one powerful moment happening right next to her vehicle. >> they were so connected and trapped into this battle that i could turn on my seat and take the photograph. the sound of the two fighting was enormous. >> reporter: also enormous, the change from black-and-white to color. >> this is one of what you call.... >> we here affectionately call this picture a me
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)